amyzen: So I really love your Toad, Bowser, and Mario designs, they're super rad, but honestly I'm wondering why you've made Peach the way she is? You've exaggerated all the other forms outwards, and yet.. Peach just gets stretched a lot upwards and taken way in at the waist? Also what's up with get-up? A bedazzled bra, short shorts, boots for protection, and nothing else? What made you go in that direction? I'm sort of side-eyeing you here on that design tbh, even if the actual art is great.

Peach has always been the tallest (with the exception of Bowser) character in the Mario series, and I really wanted to play that up when I designed her, hence her mile long legs. And the reason I went with a more “risqué” choice of clothing is because for me personally, I wanted to design a character that was edgier because my work tends to be on the cutesy and conservative side. I wanted to give my portfolio some diversity and show I can design different types of characters. I know her main outfit isn’t very protective but honestly this whole project was about fun and if Mario doesn’t need protective armor then Peach shouldn’t either. Another thing is that my teacher wanted us to be aware of that we were not creating fan art, and I felt that if I kept Peach in her ball gown, then I wouldn’t be pushing my designs enough, so there was that reason as well. 

I’m a big advocate of female empowerment and having strong female leads in all forms of media so I know that this seems to be presenting the opposite of what I support, but if Peach wants to go kick some bad guys faces into a pulp while wearing short shorts then why can’t she? Sailor Moon and the Sailor scouts fight evil by moonlight in miniskirts and heels right? Female heroes come in all different forms :) 

Again, this was just a project to help push myself in a different direction stylistically, I meant to take no offense to anyone. Thank you so much for caring enough to write to me to better understand my concept.

Visual Communications 4 project:
Character designs and Key frames presenting a redesign for Super Mario Bros. in which Princess Peach, aided by a mysterious Toadstool Merchant, sets off on an adventure to rescue Mario from the evil Bowser!

This project was a lot of fun for me! I wanted to really push myself with the shapes and proportions of characters and try a different style. Usually my work tends to be on the cutesy and conservative side so this time I wanted to make something a bit edgy and tongue-and-cheek. It was fun re-imaging a series that I’ve grown up with and finally giving Peach the spotlight. (We won’t mention the DS game they made for her….)

Thanks for playing!

Some drawings from our 60s fashion day in Costume Design class :) 

Anonymous: What materials do you use for your art?

Most of my work is done digital in Photoshop CS6 and I use an intuos 4 tablet. For traditional drawing, I use a variety of tools. Regular mechanical pencil, red col-erase pencils….my current favorite pens to use are the Pentel brush pen, and the Pilot Parallel pen, I use Sakura Micron pens for fine detail inking though. And thats about it. I just started getting into gauche painting which has been difficult but fun too!

Anonymous: Hi, you probably have been asked this many times before, but I just have to ask.. where did you get started? What and how did you get to where you are now in Art? *Scared/worried about art whenever I think of it* I love it, I wanna do it, but still get scared, y'know?*cries*.

I got started in art like most people I guess, I’ve been drawing since I was very little and just kept at it because I loved it and my parents and family encouraged me to keep drawing. How I got where I am today was by just continuing to draw and keep pushing myself to learn and get better. If I want to make this my life and be able to support myself with my art, then I want to be the best I can be. 

It can definitely be a scary thing to think about. Society still is kind of weird about artists and they still have troubles believing that people can make a darn good living creating art. They don’t realize that art is used in many aspects of our lives and its very important. If you want to pursue art and want to make it your career then I’d say go for it! If it makes you happy, then do it!

Walt Disney said, “All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.” I try to live by this quote, and by doing so thats helped me get to where I am, and I’m very happy because of it.

A couple of digital figure drawings I did for Costume Design class this week

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New brush! Doodled this sexy lady for my warm up!