Terry Blas Commissions!

Hey Everyone! My friend Terry is currently taking commissions! He is a super cool guy based in Portland, Oregon as an illustrator/comic artist and is able to pull off a large range of artistic styles! Check out his tumblr HERE and look at his commission price breakdown HERE if you’re interested.

Luna the killjoy…..Sailor Moon for Sketch Dailies over on twitter! 

When you’re saving the world from evil you can eat as many donuts as you want LUNA!

I want to apologize for my crappy quality instagram photo of my sketches haha. I’ll probably scan my Character Alphabet characters at the end and do a big master post with all the drawings. 

Genevieve and Giovanni close up!

Character Design Alphabet: G is for Genevieve and Giovanni.

Genevieve and Giovanni have known each other since college and knew from the very first day of their Fashion Advertising class that they would be best friends. They currently run a fashion blog where Genevieve covers women’s wear and trends and Giovanni covers the men. They hope to take over the world with their fashion empire one day…..soon

Frankie and Fred Close-Up

"H-hi daddy…"

Character Design Alphabet: F is for Frankie and Fred.

Throwing it back to the 1970s with this one. Frankie thought she had her dad all fooled that she was spending all her time after school studying in the library, when actually she was practicing her skateboarding with the rest of her girlfriends for the big skating competition. Unfortunately for her, her dad caught her at the skatepark while on one of his police patrols. Frankie has some explaining to do….

Anonymous: Do we ask questions to get commissions or is there a special place we go to or...? I'm sorry):

Best place to reach me right away is at my email: Phillip-L@hotmail.com  :)

Anonymous: I saw your Princess Peach redesign and it's amazing. How would you feel about someone cosplaying it, as long as they gave you credit for the design and stuff?

Are you kidding? That’d be amazing! I’d love that! Just be sure to send me photos when you finish the cosplay because I would love to see! 

Commissions Open!


Hey guys! I’m open for commission for the summer! If you’ve ever wanted a personal illustration from me, now’s your chance! My commission price break down can be seen HERE!

You can email me at Phillip-L@hotmail.com and we can discuss what you’d like me to do for you!