For this week’s homework for my Design Process 2 class, we were given a series of character types and told to create a character and a prop centered around that theme. One of the character types was “Evil Queen” and for some reason I kept imagining an Evil Drag Queen, so I just went with it!

The Story:

Once upon a time there lived a young prince who lived in a beautiful palace with his mother the queen and father the king. However unlike most princes, he didn’t enjoy dressing like a prince, and preferred to dress like a princess. One fateful day he was caught in the act of wearing one of his mother’s gowns and was severly punished by his father. The prince was told never to dress in gowns and crowns ever again and to act like the respectable prince he was expected to be.
Many years passed and the prince’s father grew ill and died. The prince, was crowned king, but instead made himself queen. Without the threat of his parents looming over his head, the prince, now queen, dressed in the most flamboyant of fashions. He made a decree that all men would now dress as woman, and all woman would dress as men. If these demands were not met, they would be punished by death. The queen wanted his subjects to feel the pain and frustration he felt all those years, being forced to act in a way that didn’t feel genuine.
Shortly into the reign of the new queen, the people of the kingdom revolted. They took over the castle and captured the queen. The queen was publically executed by guillotine, in the way his idol, Marie Antoinette, was killed. He didn’t mind, to him, that would be the most fabulous way to go.

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